What is fisurEX? 

fisurEX is a multipurpose sealant, that given to its composition allows to penetrate even the thinnest cracks via cappilary action. This way it seals and repairs, unlike other sealants, from the inside out preventing the crack to spread, and water to enter.

Ready to repair your leaks?

3 easy steps! 

You can repair any small leaks with 3 simple steps!

Uses for fisurEX:

Identify the leaking cracks before the repair. Wipe the area arround the hairline crack clean with a damp cloth for a clear application.

Uses for fisurEX:

Sparingly apply fisurEX to the leacking crack, until nothing is absorbed anymore! fisurEX will completely penetrate and seal internaly.

Uses for fisurEX:

After the crack is sealed, fisurEX will solidify in a flexible and transparent way, and keep your place dry!

Uses for fisurEX:

fisurEX was originally developed for nautic repair purposes, but the applications are endless!

Here are the most frequent ones!

fisurEX on Board

FisurEX finds hairline cracks on your boat, penetrating profoundly and sealing even the deepest leak!

Repair your R.V.

Find and fix all cracks and leaks at your Camper or Caravan! Seal Windows, skylights,  and many more! 

And more uses:

Here you can see all possible applications for fisurEX we came up with! Surely there are more to be found! 

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